It's Never Too Late

 I wonder how many THPL blog readers, or others who have heard of THPL or even those who never heard of such a thing think that my time has passed me by.  That I can never get to “those” levels of performance.  Thus they never give it a go.  And so, I think it is important to remind each of us that it truly is never too late to take up a THPL lifestyle.  We all start at the same place – as beginners – that is the coolest part of this journey.  We then get to go at our own pace.  And when we stick with it we just get better and better. 

But to get this to happen we have to start.  No reason not too – starting is an accomplishment in itself and the reward at each point along the journey is meaningful – meaningful to us and how we think about ourselves.  There is no external measure of THPL performance – only how you do relative to yourself. Getting better is for each of us to desire and pursue because our lives are more fulfilled as a result.  The only way to get there, though, is to give it a try and you might just be surprised by what you find when you do

Loving life, knowing I can get better all the time.