Just One More


Eleven miles is better than ten miles, 101 pushups better than 100, Two hours is better than one, read just one more chapter, walk one more mile, get the idea?  Take the Just one More challenge.  Set your goal for tomorrow, for the next day and the next.  Life, Learning, Fitness, – whatever the goal, when you reach the end – then do one more – you can decide what one more is but make the end just a bit farther, deeper, harder, more than the plan.  Then see how many times you can do one more in a week.  And the theme carries on and on.  The Just one More challenge becomes a game you play with yourself during your THPL journey – have fun with it – it will make you stronger of mind and body – you win every time you do it and even if you only do one more, even just once, you will be better for it

Loving life especially when I do one more!



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