Kiss for Peace

 A good friend of mine who has been around the block a few times, and has seen it all, commented yesterday that it seemed we had lost our way recently as a global society.  Why so much anger and aggression all of a sudden?  Isn’t it better to love than hate, he asked?  It was a sobering recognition that in too many situations we have forgotten how to think beyond our own parochial interests.  And so it seemed only appropriate to remind our THPL community that we all have an opportunity to encourage peace and love over war.  We have an easy way to do this today with social media and there are others who think the same way. 

 AXE is one company who is using its brand power to sponsor peace by partnering with Peace One Day.  Together they have launched campaigns in 50 countries to facilitate peace-building and awareness of International Day of Peace, which is less than a month away on Sept. 21.  And when I saw the attached video I really liked the way AXE showed how you can trump even the toughest of situations.  All it takes is a simple switch from aggression to love.  When you watch the video you just want to spread love and goodwill.  If you want to participate, peace promoters just need to share a kiss, or a hug, on social media and add the hashtag #KissForPeace.

If you have a minute I am sure you will enjoy this 

Loving life and kissing for peace.