Las Vegas

We know that THPL does not judge, nor does it proscribe, nor campaign.  In essence THPL is always there – sometimes embodied in a person and how they live, other times in the guidance that writings provide and then, of course, THPL is brought to life in the Dreams and Plans created by those on the THPL journey.  And so it is that there are times when living THPL is a challenge, a challenge because the setting does not fit the lifestyle, the community you are in rejects THPL as a good way to live and the mission and purpose is just the opposite of what we consider the good life.  

And nowhere does this seem to be more obvious that when visiting Las Vegas.  All of the elements that are integral to living THPL are anathema to the mission and purpose of Las Vegas.  There is no outdoors, you can smoke inside, the gym is open for a limited time and the food and booze flow like a river racing downhill.  The reason, then, for today’s post is to show that through contrast and comparison key points are made and decisions taken.  AKA – it is good to go to a place like Vegas (from time to time) to remind yourself how much you love the THPL journey that you are on, the skills you are building, the strength that seeps out of your skin and the community of like-minded people you hang out with.  Each of these contrasts affirm your decision to live THPL (or at least stay on course) and how you can learn to appreciate the challenge (and then the reward) of how we live.  Enjoy THPL…….

Loving Life, even (lol) in Las Vegas