Laughter, the best medicine

No matter what way you look at it laughter is good for you.  It can be an antidote to stress.  It can bring perspective to your life and it can help you keep a good and strong balance as you take your THPL journey.  Just the sound of laughter can get us smiling.  And if you watch this TEDx talk below you will hear that indeed laughter is physiologically good for you. Think about it, instead of going to CVS to have your prescription filled you just take laughter twice a day and call me if you still do not feel well.  It is fun to know that we have a simple, effective and safe cure for that which ails us – take it and you can lighten your burden, inspire hope, connect to others, and keep you grounded.  Such it is the wonder of life that we can fix our problems if we just dig deeply enough to find the solution.  Yes, laughter is indeed one of them.

Loving life while having a great laugh



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