Leap Frog Ideas

We often are told “think out of the box” and often this is a good starting point for creative thinking.  And then there are some times that this is just not enough – in fact you just might make incremental improvements because you are still thinking “box”.  Another approach is to take a “leap frog” approach.  You leave your current environment and go to a new one.  This has worked in many an instance when instead of taking a linear path to improvement you jump from the current approach and start from a new point not connected to the old.  For THPL this could translate to training in a different environment, not following your normal pattern, embracing muscle confusion or just making your activity different so that you have to adapt and respond.  And I am not sure I have seen a better example of a “leap frog” idea than on this TEDx video.  

Andreas Raptopolous describes a way of thinking, about how to do things differently and in such a captivating way that it does a few things: 

1.       It makes you say “wow”!

2.       You start thinking differently

3.       You start creating ways to use the solution he describes for other purpose

I trust you will enjoy the video and the story but more than anything see how you can use leap-frog thinking in your life to break through to the next level.  There is always room for innovative thinking on your THPL journey. 

Loving life and ready to leap!