Less than Ten

It matters none whether you are a meat eater, vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan, it is always better to cut back on processed foods.  I was buying a simple bread the other day and counted out twenty ingredients.  Not sure how it is possible to need so many ingredients in a simple staple such as bread and it got me to thinking more about what I eat and the responsibility I have for what I eat.  Not being a nutritionist, nor a scientist, I have only my life performance to be the guide for what might be “good food”.  And so the premise is that to live THPL you need all energy focused on productive endeavors.  And in the case of eating foods, it seems to me that if a food product that you eat has more than ten ingredients, and that many of the additional ingredients are unintelligible, then processing them out of your body (if you can get them out) is taking productive energy and wasting it. 

For certain, just because a food is packaged does not mean it is bad for you (eg. Plain yogurt) – rather if someone else has packaged a food for you it is your responsibility to verify that you are “ok” with what they put in the package.  Mother Nature keeps it quite simple – your food preparer (like Kraft, General Foods, etc) should work to keep your food profile simple as well.  Seems to me that this is not how they operate and that it must be easier to prepare and sell foods that have a LOT of ingredients.  And this is where we need to draw the line.  We cannot live THPL and be passive about what is in the packaged foods we buy and we eat.  We need to read the ingredient label and actively decide that we want to eat what is in the package. 

So, here is a plan for how to do this –

First - look at all labels and verify that the food is made with ingredients that we know. 

Second - can you pronounce the ingredients on the label?

Third - Did the ingredient come from some part of the plant or animal kingdom?

Fourth – are there less than ten ingredients?  How about less than five?

Based on the answers you should decide if you buy the food product or not.  Yes, for certain, there will be times when it is not possible to vet everything we buy or eat, but for THPL to come to life and for it to be a productive journey, we need to eat the “right stuff” more than not.  How about a good challenge going into the weekend?  Try eating only foods with ten or less ingredients.  See how it goes.  Enjoy the challenge. 

Loving life and eating well