Let’s Hear Their Point of View

Being a Ted Talk enthusiast brings with it a host of benefits.  With a list too long to mention, I highlight the three primary benefits that I find from listening to the Ted talks: 

  • ·         Allows me to listen to really smart people,
  • ·         Expose me to a range of topics that I would not ordinarily hear about, and;
  • ·         Makes me think, and ponder and reflect.   

So I was very excited to see that the Ted Ed conference that was conducted in April in NYC had started posting the talks.  And to no one’s surprise the cast of presenters was just amazing.  I have not seen all of the talks yet but of the ones that I have seen it appears that there is total alignment on the idea that the U.S. High School system needs a major overhaul.  Being of THPL community it is fun to listen to people who have a growth mindset, who  want change to happen, who know that we will all be better off if we transform the HS system.  What more could I hope for?  

And then as I listen to more and more presentations I am struck by the question – if this required change is so obvious, so simple, so profound and so impactful, then why are we not moving forward at a breakneck pace to get it done?  I will not provide my opinion as to why the change is not occurring yet and why this group of leading educators is frustrated (that topic is for another blog post).  What I will do is to pose a suggestion that might help move this (and other) transformation efforts forward. 

My suggestion is for us to run a Ted Ed conference and bring to the event the leading dissenters, the leaders who oppose change and those not willing to help make the change happen.  Let’s ask them to present their point of view as to why we cannot adopt some of the innovators ideas to make the system better.  I think it is time to bring the debate actively to the national stage and it is time for us not to only hear from the “change agents” but also to hear from the “status quo”.  With both positions presented and in the same forum we have a chance to get something done.  And from the sounds of the way that the US stacks up on the global education stage we have to change.  Maybe what we will find out is not, are we able to make the change, but when we will.  But even to figure out timing alone we will need a constructive forum for dialogue and resolution.  The time for change is now and we can only make it happen if we do it together. 

Yes, I am loving life for sure today


Joey g