As I continue my travels it strikes me that THPL is a great partner to have while you travel.  The mission that we take when we live to the THPL lifestyle brings with it a perspective that we are always on, that we are motivated to stay the course and that we have a guide post for how to live each day with a focus on maximizing life, learning and fitness.  And so when you make a trip, arrive in a new place, and find the unfamiliar, you will always be prepared as you have THPL and its regimen with you.  So, if you run – then that is what you do.  And while you run you look and learn from what is around you.  Little did I know that Liverpool has a population of around 450,000, it is the most successful English city for soccer, more musical artists with number one hits have their origin in Liverpool (of course including the Beatles) and the city has always been an important port city being on the north west coast of England.  It really is a great juxtaposition of old and new architecture, of 300-year-old pubs and tech startups and a very friendly and welcoming populace. 

The THPL way does indeed travel well. Because of it I learned about that which I might not normally pay any mind to, I experienced a great run along the grand canal and I could not help but feel more vibrancy in my life as a result of embracing a new location and making it a priority to do more than just say that I went there.  Have fun on your next trip, it is definitely worth pulling out your version of THPL.

Loving life, and being in Liverpool