Love of Learning

 It may have taken longer than it should and it might be that THPL was the catalyst but what is important is that many of us have finally developed a love of learning.  There are few activities from which we can get a better return.  Learning just makes us better - it prepares us, it enables us, it motivates us – there are so many positive attributes to the learning process that once discovered, it is an addictive activity. 

And it does so much for us;

  • Learning helps us to nourish and cultivate our minds. 
  • The pursuit of learning drives us to be better at observing and listening. 
  • With lifetime learning, life becomes an adventure, it gives us something to look forward to, and it provides us a purpose often connected to a goal (THPL). 

And at a time when the world is changing around, us every day, at an ever increasing rate, we need to put in place a structure and desire to learn so that we can stay current, learn more, be ready and then have the opportunity to apply it even more.   And that is what it is all about – improving individual performance through learning.  Get smarter and more effective for “free”. 

 Loving life , learning all the way