Luck – or is it Preparation

One of my favorite quotes defines “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”.  Seems to me that with this definition, Luck is not actually random at all but a highly productive moment, one that produces quite a good outcome (we all want to be lucky don’t we?)

So, if Luck is indeed such a great thing then why do we consider it as an uncontrolled outcome – why do we not give credit where credit is due?  Being Lucky in traditional settings seems to bring connotations of less stature and certainly not predictable nor sustained. 

OK, then we just might need to look at how it all comes together to see a different view.  First we develop an understanding of what is possible.  We then start our preparation and begin practicing our technique and we do it again and again.  And so when opportunity arises we execute.  We do flawlessly and we find that indeed we have done what we prepared to do.  The yell from afar is now that was lucky, and you say thank you knowing that your preparation truly made it happen.

Loving life especially when prepared