Make Fear Good

  • I fear hills - but I know it will make me stronger.  
  • I fear running faster- but i like the feeling when I am done
  • I fear speaking in front of groups – but it makes me present better
  • I fear lifting too heavy - but after one set I want more
  • I fear trying something new – but love the learning that comes from it
  • I fear being alone – but appreciate the time to think; and
  • I fear becoming stagnant – so I run towards tomorrow, reaching for what is next and making the next step better than the one before it

Without fear, we risk that life becomes idle and boring . 

 If I love getting better, then fear can be my motivator – bring on the taste and feel of sweat, say cheers to the adrenaline that flows through my veins, and smile at every heart racing moment that serves as the foundation for a wicked awesome life! 

Loving life, and what fear can do for me