Make the World a Better Place


I spent the past few days at the annual Google Zeitgeist conference.  It is truly a remarkable event.  Over the two days I was there  I had the distinct pleasure of listening  and hanging around more than forty leading thinkers, innovators, risk takers, scientists, students, game changers and more.  It would be impossible to truly capture the emotion and energy that was ever present.  What I can state, unequivocally is the following:

To a person, every one of the presenters was authentically humble.  Not sure how you do this when you are, for example, Dr. June from University of Pennsylvania who looks to have found a true cure for leukemia. But they all found a way to thank everyone else for the work they have the opportunity and the privilege that to do.  And for certain each of them had a palpable commitment to the work / mission that they do.

They are curious.  And not in an ordinary way but in a way that is infectious.  As they talk you cannot help but want to go out and discover with them. They truly want to know more and they are urged on by the challenges around us and want to work on the biggest problem they can find.  

They are all dedicated to making the world a better place.  These words can at times be empty but they are not when you are 17 years old, like Taylor Wilson, who has as a nuclear physicist, is build a game changing safe, modular, fission power plant to change the energy landscape forever.

We are all fortunate to have such amazing people working for all of our benefit.  For sure, they are inspiring, and they grab our attention like very few can.  And so on arrival back East the question is what to do with the energy that comes from such amazing people.  I for one am inspired to act and upon reflection my initial thought is that we need to take THPL and it’s mission to another level.  I left realizing that THPL needs to dream bigger, we need to think about how we can make Life, Learning and Fitness even more central to our lives and the lives of others around us.  Time for some reflection and then for a bigger plan.  How can we make the world a better place? What do we need to do?  What first? For certain, I for do not want to leave it to others to do for us.  We need to do it for them as well. The time for action is now.  Yup, that is for sure.

Loving life and ready to make this a better world