Meet the Moment

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed CLIF Bars.  I love the flavors, the products and the company itself.  Gary Erickson has done such a great job keeping the company true to its core values and to the mission of providing nutrition for sustained energy.  And I was delighted to see, as I ate my current favorite flavor of CLIF bar, Sierra Trail Mix, that CLIF Bar is promoting its overall rallying cry on its product packaging.  The “rallying cry” is there to encourage people to get out, to get moving and then to celebrate amazing and awesome moments that can be experienced along the way.  The promotion, according to CLIF is to “stoke your imagination, inspire you to push yourself and to discover new places”.  The 20 or so examples that they promote really do make you think about taking it to the next level – “Chase the Sunrise” and “Get your Feet Wet” are two of my favorites.  Each time I read another Meet the Moment charge I am inspired to do something – it feels quite THPL to me. 

What we have learned from following the THPL life is that we need to put real commitment to our journey and CLIF bar has done this by donating, many times over,$1 to environmental non-profits to help protect the places where we love to play.  All we need to do is to tag our adventures with #MeetTheMoment and they donate another dollar.  Seems like a great combination; be encouraged and inspired to do something different, donate to a great cause and have fun doing it eating a CLIF bar.  What could be better on the road to THPL?

Loving life, and Meeting the Moment