My Favorite Workout

My favorite workout? – on the THPL journey could there be such a thing?  There are so many good days / great days what workout would you select?  Might it be your favorite activity? – you love to run so you do repeats on the track, you love biking so you find the steepest hill and you ride it up and down till you drop, you love the gym and work the weights for what seems like hours.  Indeed it could be any of these (and all for that matter).  But a consideration might be that your favorite workout is one that you know makes you better – it hurts when you do it – and you even fear it a bit – but when you are done, you are wicked happy that you did it. 

Here’s a suggestion -  about a “brick repeat”  Ride hard for 20 minutes at 80% of max, then run for 10 minutes hard and do it again and then even again.  Makes me nervous just thinking about it – this is the point – on your THPL journey you aim to get better – the only way to do it is to push yourself – and then push some more and then yet again till you are “cooked”.  Once a week, that’s all – do it once a week, for a month, maybe two.  Then take a week off.  And before you realize it you will be looking forward to doing it the next time in when two weeks are up.  Your hardest workout just became your favorite.  Yup, that is what THPL is all about. 

Loving life, and the fear of my favorite workout.