My Version

We all benefit from the fact that THPL is a community of people of like mission and purpose.  That we all have goals aimed at high performance and that when used properly THPL can serve as a guidepost for us, it can be the “bumpers” required to live a good life, and it can also provide an ever present reminder that we can do more than we previously thought possible.  But there is a risk worth noting and reflecting on.  For some reason we often, in our pursuit of high performance, look a bit too much to others to validate us and our progress, we allow too much “floating commentary” to affect our own “informed perspective” and we stop when others stop, regardless of our spirit or capability. 

Build your THPL version, don’t worry what others think, and make it personal.  If we were to only follow others we can be sure of a few things – when they make mistakes you will make a mistake.  We will be the same as they are, nothing different, and lastly, we will be limited by their boundaries and their constraints

The charge then is - Do NOT worry about what others think.  Live your own THPL – you know better than anyone else what you capable of and/or you will find out.  Make THPL your own personal journey – you can do this by just paying attention, and then reflecting and doing it again and again. And push yourself as far as you can go and then push some more.  Your life is waiting for you – go get it.

Loving Life and believing in myself