National Dessert Month

And so it is October 1 signifies the start of quite the decadent month.  It actually gets better than just National Dessert Month, by all accounts it is also National Cookie Month and National Caramel Month.  Throw in Halloween and you have a veritable feast of sweets and goodies. The word Dessert comes from the Old French term desservir which means “to clear the table” – sounds like a good idea if we are to have wonderful sweets there to clear off. 

Yes, dessert can fit into THPL, actually it must fit in, for at least a few reasons:

First - Life and Learning are all about exploring and sharing new ideas, new approaches, better techniques and what better way to do this than with a dessert (and the recipe).

Second – With Fitness as the other dimension of THPL we have a great setup for when you can / should have dessert.  Run a marathon and the dessert tray is fair game.  Ride 50 miles and the ice cream is ready and waiting,  Go on a long hike and what is better than brownies or a chocolate chip cookie with a tall glass of milk. 

Third – There are so many cultural references to dessert in our lives that we need to partake so as to be part of the tradition that has been long established by friends and family alike.

So, we have a lot of great reasons to eat dessert – so let’s do it and enjoy it and share what you like with your best friends.  Give me a brownie, apple pie, or cheesecake and I will be just fine.

Loving life with dessert right in front of me