Never Assume

 To maximize potential and to reach new and extended measures of performance requires that “a lot” goes right along the way.  When we think about THPL we often start and end the day with the right attitude, perspective and motivation.  We are confident, have plans, measure our progress and do it again and again with a regularity that delivers better and better performance.  The caution, though, is that when we live such highly programmed and tightly managed lives we assume that everything we have come to expect that is required to deliver on our plan will be there and ready for you when you need it.  It could be the gear required for a race, the food you need to stay healthy, a power supply for your laptop, an internet connection, a manual, etc.  all of which are critical to your success.  And when they are assumed to be there, and they are not, a cascade of issues can occur, as there is usually little room for error. 

The basic reminder falls into three categories that minimize the risk of “missing” resources when you most need them.

  1. Establish a pattern of behavior when you get ready for any activity, put things in the same place, follow the same script – when you do this enough times any deviation will be obvious (like where you put your license in your wallet) and it will cause you to pause and address the issue early
  2. Ask the question – if something is critical to your plan – ask, the obvious question – eg.  will there be wifi on the plane?   Do they have food on the race course?  Can I use a credit card to pay?  You get the picture – if it matters, ask, don’t assume – a yes 100% of the time still needs the question asked – the risk it to high not to
  3. Plan for a backup approach – even when it is all scheduled, and you ask all the right questions, changes happen that you cannot control and thus you need to know what your options and alternatives are and how you can utilize them.  The flight is cancelled, can you rent a car?  The projector does not work at the hotel do I have hard copies?  I lost my water bottle, can I borrow another?

The bottom line is the better you are at the backup plan, the more thorough you are on the front-end of the activity, the more likely the better the outcome. See what you can do to get your own personal service level high enough that there really is never a worry if you will get through the appointed mission on your THPL journey

Loving life especially when I have avoided catastrophe