New Year’s Resolutions

It is generally understood that 90%+ of New Year’s resolutions fail.  And they usually fail in the first month.  So, since we know that it is highly unlikely that the change(s) we promise to make are mostly not going to happen then it would only make sense to intervene now before this fateful occurrence happens.   And knowing that THPL is a journey, not just an endgame, might it just be best if we take a few actions that give us a better shot at making our commitments stick?  Here are a few tactics / approaches that increase the potential for successful resolutions:

  1.  Make each changes/resolution that we are committing to have a specific goal and time/date.  This makes them measureable and the more we measure the more we get connected to the progress (and the reward) and sticking to the plan. 
  2. Research has shown that volunteering can have as many mental and physical benefits to the volunteer as it does to those whom we are helping.  Thus we can make some of our resolutions to have elements of helping others.  Once we are committed to other people we are less likely to quit. 
  3. There are varying views on the length of time it takes to make a habit stick – 21 days, 66 days, whatever the number it is clear that you need quite a few days of doing the activity before you have become committed to the new way of being.  Setting the right expectation up front for how long it will take to make your new approach part of your THPL will increase the probability of success.
  4. Make some of your resolutions / commitments to have elements of fun in them.  Resolutions or improvements in one’s life does not have to be drudgery or “hard work”.  Figure a way to raise the fun factor in your new activity and you will be well on your way to creating a durable change.

At the end of the day, when we choose to make a change, to be committed to self- improvement we need to be aware that success is way more than just thinking of the idea of what “could” be. We need to be active and vigilant and committed to our “new” way to be.  It is the foundation of THPL and the journey that we are on.  We get to improved levels of performance when we live the mantra Dream It, Plan It, Practice it, and Do It.  And what better time to bring this approach to life, than now, when we are setting the context for a great 2014. 

Loving life and finding a way to make 2014 even better