Number Seven

When I started 2014 with the goal of running a marathon a month I really had no idea what I was signing up for.  Would it be hard?  What would I learn?  Would I become a marathon runner or a guy who runs marathons?  Half of the year is just about over and today I completed my seventh marathon for the year.  And reflecting on the day and the reduced preparation that I did for the race I believe that  I can complete the 2014 challenge and yes, I am beginning to feel like a marathon runner .

For the record, the race was in Pennypack Park, Philadelphia.  We ran the trail system in the park – some paved, some dirt.  Lots of hills and a good amount of mud and rocks to make it interesting.  Only 200 people in the race – 176 finished, I came in 10th.  Slow time for the day at 3:31 but given the up and down of the course I was happy with it. 

 One more thought.  When I was delayed 3.5 hours travelling from Orlando to Philadelphia after another week on the road it would be have been very easy to pass on the race  - to go back home and take a break.  But the goal is the goal and regardless of a few obstacles in the way I stayed focused, changed three airlines, made it to Philly, got a bit of sleep and then made my way to the park and ready to go – no excuses.  Yup – once again THPL keeps us focused and committed because it is what we do.

Loving life, running a marathon