Nutrition labeling

It would be hard to find a “group” of people who are more focused on food and nutrition than those who subscribe to the THPL style of life.  When you are pushing yourself to the limit or working to improve performance it is well known that food (fuel) and nutrition have a major role to play in whether or not you reach your goals.  By way of example if you are a long distance triathlete you are told there are four elements to the race, swimming, biking, running and nutrition.  Essentially, the “story-line” states that you cannot get to the finish line if you mess up your nutrition.  Of course we could go on and on about the proper nutrition for races (and we will in a future post) but for now let’s focus on the fact that the FDA announced a design for a new nutrition label for foods sold to consumers.  Now you can look at this as a good thing or bad thing.  The FDA believes that it was time for a major overhaul of the Nutrition Facts panel that we have grown accustomed.  It is the first time since the FDA began requiring it on food labels in 1996. The idea is to use Nutrition Facts so that they convey accurate, straightforward health information that pertains to how we actually eat and drink and which nutrients we really need–a big improvement over the confusing, out-of-date information that we see today.  This promises to be a great change and will allow us to be smarter about what we eat and its impact on our life and our performance.  So, make sure you read your labels today and into the future the time you spend will become even more valuable over time.  Goodness on the THPL life journey!


Loving life and nutrion labels