NYC Marathon

So if ever there was an event that gave hope and optimism that THPL could grow larger than our small community of THPL enthusiasts it would be the NYC Marathon.  From its humble beginnings in 1970 when 55 people finished the event to today when 47,000 people finished running 26.2 miles, the race has shown again and again that BIG goals are achievable when you set out a plan, you stick to the plan and you show up on race day with a strong heart and a committed spirit.  The finishers today proved that the rest just then happens and they find out that indeed they can do more than they thought was possible and in more than one case they did better than they ever imagined.

The NYC Marathon also brings out the best in others – throughout the race there was the ever present and amazing support for this THPL-like event.  Two million people stopped for a moment to come out to the streets of NY to cheer on the thousands of would be marathoners to give them the support and encouragement that would propel them to the finish line.  The finishing time on a day like today is less of the focus – today is mostly about people of all backgrounds and cultures, from those who bring challenges and struggles, to those who have run the race more than 20 times – each and every one of their stories paving the way to the finish line.  There was the 93 year old man who did not start running till he was 46, there were the Hurricane Sandy victims still without their homes, and the two autistic boys from LI who have true meaning in their lives because of their passion for running.

Each and every person reached their own high performance today - we celebrate them for finishing this epic marathon event and the pathway that it provides for all who endeavor to do more.  So, when you are ready to take the next step in your version of THPL, and are looking for inspiration, and when you need another reason to say yes, look to the NYC Marathon and the stories that were written today. I am confident you will find enough reasons to take the plunge and make more progress on your THPL journey

Loving life and planning my next marathon