Off the Wall

Seek to understand; A clear theme that underlies THPL.  We may not state it explicitly but it is a necessary theme when you are aiming at improving performance.  To get to the next level you need to know more, understand more and then apply as is fitting for the circumstance.  And so, in the name of understanding I find myself often wondering why?  And one of the why’s I like researching relates to colloquialisms.  I find it interesting that the origin of many of the phrases that we use, that bring texture, and meaning to a conversation are often not known.  At the risk of being considered totally “off the wall”; I offer the following origin of the phrase. 

In a game know as real tennis, sometimes called the “sport of kings” (started around the era of King Henry VIII) where the tennis game was played indoors with a very interesting court design, the players often hit the ball off the tambour (a projection from the main wall).  The resulting bounce came off at an awkward angle, making it tricky to return.  This tactic has given us the phrase “off the wall” often used to describe an unusual angle or new idea.  Who would have known?  So next time you find yourself called “off the wall” remember that it was indeed a good thing if you were on the offensive and maybe not so good if you were on the defensive side of the shot.   

Loving life, and definitely being off the wall