On Language

For many, many, years I was captivated and addicted to the On Language column that William Safire wrote for the NY Times.  Every week I looked forward to his column.  He found a way to introduce the reader to new words, with stories and lessons, he created a love for words and language in a way that only he could do.  And as I reflect on what we learn and feel during THPL journey it can appear rather difficult to convey the strong feelings that come when we push ourselves.  We know how we feel but it is hard to find the words that get at the essence of the emotions.  But we cannot give up because it is in the words that we choose that we create connections, allure, and intrigue.  It also is beneficial when we practice, and, yes, we need to practice.   No, not running, or biking, but rather practice using new words.  The challenge is to see if you can find words that get at the emotion, bring it to life, make it real – interestingly the process is very revealing.  It is meditative and powerful and it produces great results that are appreciated by author and reader.  If you do not put the effort in to the word selection it is noticed by the reader.  They grow bored and stop reading.  Have you ever read two books on a similar subject?  One you cannot put down and the other you cannot pick up.  The difference, and BTW – I am not an editor, just a simple blogger, the difference is in the emotion that the words convey.  Yes, it is bit more effort to pick the right word.    How about contemplate vs think or mesmerizing vs interesting.  Yes, it makes a difference.  And when you have successfully chosen the right word, just by pushing ourselves that little bit harder, a little bit deeper, magical things happen.

Loving life and language