On the way

Seems to me that while the path to THPL is obvious, there are many who find that getting there, even with the right level of effort is challenging.  It appears that just the pursuit of THPL puts them off their game.  For them the plan either looks easy or very hard.  But in fact THPL is both – however,  it brings with it a burden and expectation that could inhibit the ability to make real progress towards the goal.  And so it is – once again THPL is within reach, but too far away to touch, getting to it is challenged by how we think, not what is possible.  And so we need support, both structural and emotional to stay the course. 

In this context there are many techniques that you can employ to get to the THPL.  It requires the right level of practice and diligence, you must have goals that are attainable through the journey, you must right down the goals and track them and you have to make public your goals.  Of course one of the most important aspects of being able to achieve your goal is to become part of the THPL community.  The community will provide support and encouragement and even some tough love from time to time.  And so it is - there is no time like the present to jump in and get on the way to THPL – you will be better for it and much, much happier when you do

Loving life, that’s all