Once Upon A Time

Is there a better way to have someone start a story?  Does it get your attention?  The “Once upon a time” really does heighten your awareness and your willingness to listen.  You wait in anticipation, you want to know where the story starts and where it is going to take you.  You don’t need pictures or videos for this story – just a vivid rendition, one full of adjectives and adverbs to bring the story to live – moving in harmony with the opening line, Once upon a time indeed…….

For THPL and this blog – there was a “Once Upon a Time” moment when the thought of writing a daily blog was inconceivable.  Clearly there was not enough time, ideas, or readers to write a blog.  But every good story starts with the challenge, the struggle - and then it settles into a good rhythm. Them the question is where it goes next.  In the case of THPL there are many chapters still to be written - written by all who are members of the community.  Each chapter starting with “Once Upon A Time” the writers empowered to add to the tapestry of the high performance life as lived and felt by all who journey in this direction.   And so it is – we create the living story, full of dreams, bucket lists, goals, preparation, challenges, failures and successes.  “Once upon a time” the platform for our life’s journey and the ability to tell our story now and forever.  Hop on, this is going to be fun!

Loving life, once upon a time