One Carry-on


Lately my normal week seems to be of this flavor; four cities, five days, three time zones, many workouts, temperatures from 50-105 F, and one carry-on.  So, how is it that I could live across so many different situations and do it with so little?

22”x14”x9” – this is the carry-on bag size that I fit a week of my life into.  Is this a sign that we do not need much more?  That in actuality we have too much stuff (clearly I have more in my closet than in this bag).  But if I can make it a week across such varied conditions why might I need so much stuff?  Is it to satisfy a need for change or to satisfy the retailers need for revenue?  On the contrary, maybe it is the constraints that are imposed on us by the airlines that make us more efficient.  Could it be that this somewhat arbitrary decision to limit the size of a carry-on determines what I can have / wear / use during a week of travel. 

If we look through the lens of THPL then maybe this is in actuality a great outcome.  A constraint becomes the design point and we become efficient as a result.  What a cool thought.  There have been many instances when an exogenous constraint, or one imposed, drove amazing design (the iPod for example) and we all benefit.  And herein is the lesson for us to take to heart.  Can constraints that you can put on yourself, on your life, can they make you better?  That by introducing constraints you are forced to do something different to get improved performance.  Give it some thought – see if you can find a self-imposed constraint and see what happens.  You might be quite happy with the result.

Loving life, with just one carry-on bag…..