One More Hour

Depending on how you look at it, going to Daylight Saving time today was a great day for you or a day that makes little sense.  Some think it is silly that we change the clocks twice a year.  Is it an anachronism or a contemporary approach?  What do you think?  Do you like it that we now have an extra hour of sunlight at night?  Does it matter to you?  I would offer that in the THPL community more sunlight at days’ end means more opportunity to get outside, to enjoy the world we live in, to be more active, and to let your version of THPL bloom.  It might even have more of a positive impact, this year, given the challenging winter many of us have had.  Changing the clocks is not only a signal that Spring is around the corner it serves as the trigger for us to create our version of our outside life.  Make plans, get outside, love life.

Loving Life and more sunlight!