One Year Anniversary

I just received this email from Tumblr and I was both surprised and pleased.  Both emotions driven by the fact that I actually wrote a blog post every day for a year, a WOW for sure.  Not sure I truly understood what I was getting myself into when I started down this path – a year later I can say that I have a better feeling of the mission and purpose of the THPL blog and I feel blessed and better for having taken on this challenge. 

The High Performance Life turned 1 today!

We hope it was a great year, and we look forward to sharing many more!

It really was an interesting year.  There are so many lessons, experiences, feelings, rewards and surprises that came out of this year of blogging.  I am hopeful that the THPL followers and readers all got something out of the posts over the past year.  Even if it was just one post, just one person who benefited then it was worth writing the blog.  Year two is on the doorstep, I am committed to sticking with this blog for the foreseeable future, I hope you are too. 

Loving life and celebrating my one year anniversary as a blogger!!!!