We all know that tastes cannot be argued, and so, we all should enjoy what we eat and we should make choices that are fitting with our culture, our lifestyle and our nutrition needs.  We also know, for our THPL lifestyle, that nutrition can influence our performance, whether it be cerebral or physical – what we consume has a big impact on our lives. It is a conundrum then to know that in fact often, that is at almost every meal, we cede control of what we eat to “others”.  They could be a packaged goods company, a restaurant chef, a convenience location or any myriad of food purchase options.  And while it is possible that this formula works – that indeed the “others” who are prepping our foods are doing so with care and attention to good nutrition and effective eating it is also possible that it might not be working and that we should do our own validation, when we can, of what we eat.  It is just a good reminder for all of us on our THPL journey that starting with fresh foods is the best, reading ingredient labels is good form, that we should think before we eat some of the “science projects” that are offered in the market  (this is foods with 20+ ingredients) and that overall we take responsibility for our own food profiles that we live on and the impact that they have for both good and not so good.

Loving life, when eating fresh foods..