Our Day of Hope (Independence Day)

imageSitting in Boston today it is hard for me not to think about the year behind us.  We must pause for a moment to remember the loss of our brothers and sisters at the Boston Marathon this year.  They will live in our memories forever more.  We must resolve to celebrate the joy that is Boston, that is American – it is indeed appropriate to state that we are Boston Strong and American Strong as well!

And these moments of remembrance are powerful for so many reasons.  They remind us that our country, the best in the world, has found in its people, over more than 200 years the ability to work through adversity, to have a resiliency and resolve to move forward  - to build on the hope that our forefathers brought to our first days as a nation.  After all this time, when change has become a constant, we are reminded that we started with a Courage, Compassion, and Will that knows no bounds.  We can and never will be defeated as we are Americans – yes with differences – but as we have learned from our THPL journey there are many ways to travel but there is only one mission.  And today on the Fourth of July we are reminded that we are the country of hope, opportunity and inspiration.  And this is indeed the rallying cry for our mission.  We must stay true to it and defend it forever more.

And as you think about what you have on tap for the rest of 2013 keep reminding yourself that it is truly your attitude, how you think about life, that makes all the difference - keep it positive – remind yourself of how we got here and how you will contribute to keep the legacy alive - commit that you will take THPL to the next level and that hope springs eternal when we do so. 

Yes, indeed we can (and always will be able to) do more than we think we can!  Happy Fourth of July

Loving life as an American – it is so, so cool!