Our National Parks and Inspiration Point

Way back in 1906, our wonderful president, Teddy Roosevelt deemed it to be that we should protect as much of the beauty of the landscape of our country as possible and so he created the National Park system, initially with five parks.  The system has grown (can you guess) to a total of 59 parks and I can state, with confidence, that the National Park system, is a reflection of THPL and all of the attributes that we know contribute to a higher order existence.  And as I make my way around the National Parks, having visited 29 of them, I can feel the specialness that each of them have.  Yesterday, Zion, today Bryce, they are all unique and all of excellence – they are stunning and understated –they are captivating and accessible.  They set a standard for how to do the impossible – to make nature the center of the stage in an ever materialistic world that we live.  It is hard for me to imagine not being able to see and experience the standards that are set by the mission of the National Parks and the way that they stay true to their mission and will, with our support, for years and years to come. 

I could go on and on about the beauty of Bryce Canyon, and the palette of colors that paint the Hoodoos with such vibrancy and depth that your definition of stunning is taken to another level.  And when there you can cap it off, with a trek to the top of Inspiration Point to see the full expanse of the canyon – and as you descend the trail from Inspiration Point I bet you will have an ever widening smile on our face knowing that this was one easy point to name. 

So, to all of our THPL supporters get out the list of National Parks http://www.listofusnationalparks.com/national-parks-list/ and see how many you have visited.  Then decide on which one to visit next (yes this is a bit pushy) and you will, I am confident, find the experience life fulfilling and synchronous with THPL.

Yes indeed, loving life, even more – yea baby!