Our Obligation

THPL is a big idea.  We have just begun to explore how big it could be.  Thinking about it and reflecting on our progress, there are few times, when described, that the concept does not get resonance.  It seems easy enough to explain and it does map nicely to the aspirations that most of us have in our heart and our heads.  So far THPL has some structure, some examples and some active participants. 

What is exciting is that there is a lot of aspiration for what THPL stands for – improving performance and fulfillment with a focus on the elements of Life Learning and Fitness.  Just imagine for a moment, then, what might be if collectively THPL became more than a niche idea/community. It feels like each of us would be better off, the communities we live in would be constantly improving and our ability to support each other would be natural – driven by our shared value system and desire to make everyone better.  The suggestion then is that each of us commits in a small way, soon to grow into a big way, to sponsor THPL more broadly.  First in our own lives and then in the lives of others.  There is only good that can come of this.  I suggest it is an obligation and then one day a mission.  Let’s see how soon we can get there….

Loving life especially when THPL becomes more central to our lives