Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a staple in many runner’s and triathlete’s diets.  And for good reason, it sits well in your stomach while under stress, it calorically dense, portable, it packs a nutritional punch and it is delicious.  And for almost every member of the THPL community I would venture a guess that we have had our fair share of PB (J) on our journey.   What many of us might not be aware of, though, is that this is a mostly American tradition.  I am sure that many members of our community have been on an international trip and found what I found in the UK this past week.  Peanut butter is hard to find - I went into one Sainsbury – UK grocery store and found one jar of PB.  Think of it -  one brand (the store brand) and only one size and no choice if indeed you wanted choice.   Boy are they missing out!

Back to the U.S. I went -  The first thing I ate upon arrival was PBJ and boy was it good.  It certainly made my ten-mile run and ten mile ride feel ever so much easier. So, in the true spirit of THPL – I am going to make sure to bring plenty of PB with me when I go back to London in three weeks time.  I will bring a taste of America and endurance sports with me and the THPL along for the ride.

Loving life, and eating as much PB as I can