Performance clothing

As we push the limits on the fitness aspect of THPL we will, for sure, find a limit to the clothing that we wear.  It might not fit properly, it might offer less features than we need and/or it might just wear out quicker than desired.  All of these issues stem from pushing the envelope on performance and needing more out of our workout clothes.  The good news is that the product companies have noticed this need and have started to use more advanced materials and designs made to help improve performance or at least not inhibit it.  One particular approach that is gaining favor and increasingly levels of use is compression clothing – either for bottoms or tops.

increasing the amount of “good” blood flowing through your system.  With graduated compression garments there is a higher pressure reading at the wrist or ankle while slightly decreasing the pressure in the garment as the blood travels from the extremities back to the heart.  This is goodness for sure

Additionally, when taking on longer and longer endurance events, where your clothing can be friend or foe, compression clothing is designed to reduce chafing and thus with less friction less issues arise.  Designed to wick the sweat away, the compression garments then hit the trifecta in performance gear. 

I do have to admit that I have used compression gear for so many years that I am a bit biased about how great it is and how you can better your journey to THPL by using them.  But I guess this kind of bias might actually be good for you (or me) as the case may be.  Better performance through technology, you have to love it!

Loving life, in my compression shorts