THPL – yes, that community we are part of, the one we embrace daily  - it is, as a reminder, about Life, Learning and Fitness.  And while living THPL it is easy to be focused on those elements of THPL that are easily measurable (like Fitness).  But it would be short changing all of us if we just stayed there.  It is good to take a moment from time to time to explicitly bring the Life element of your version of THPL into view.  There are so many parts of “life” that I dare not try to over-simplify that which we all find, in our own way, to be quite complicated  - not bad complicated –just a lot of variables, circumstances, personalities, etc that are all non-controllable.  And it is from this perspective that it bears repeating that much of our life is how we, ourselves, look at it.  In a good mood, life is good.  Get what you want and maybe it is even better.  Have something taken away, not so good.  And so it goes.  If we are not careful it can turn into an “if this”….”then this” life. 

Might it just be better if we could rise up a bit over the reactive and  practical, and tactical way of interpreting life.  Can we challenge ourselves to not only react – but to learn to appreciate what we have – that we go even further and consider the good, the bad, the win, the struggle, the ….. all part of life –the life we have –the one we love.  And if indeed THPL is about the pursuit of higher performance, leading to higher fulfillment then it would seem that we need to do this to stay true to the mission.  Life is good, no….great…and getting better every day!

Loving life every day, yup, that is it….loving life