Plan B

I am not sure about other members of THPL community but as I work towards maximizing Life, Learning and Fitness there are days when it becomes obvious that best laid plans are not going to happen.  And so it is, how do you react?  Do you press forward with blind intent, ignoring the signs that tell you to change the plans?  Do you worry that someone might challenge you prior decision or plan?  Or do you assess the situation, realize it is time for a change and then come up with Plan B.  Seems to me that if considered properly, then a Plan B is the best alternative.  Altering the plan in response to changing conditions is strength and not a weakness; it takes a solid mind and a strong heart to do so.  The one open question is how quickly do you go to plan B?  This is up to you but remember that each delay slows you from reaching your goal.  The last point (for now) is to have fun with the impending changes.  You might even find that the plan B works better than the original plan.  A bonus on the road to THPL. 

Loving life with a new plan