Planes, Cars, Sneakers, Snow....

Planes, cars, sneakers, snow, marathon, work, family, emails, notes, exercise etc….The past three days have been what I might call living at Level 10 – a lot of inputs, a lot of energy expended, a lot of output created and a lot of feedback and oh yea, limited sleep  

And as I sit here I cannot stop thinking about the process that I started just about a month ago – first a challenge, then a few notes, then a community – I am still not sure who gets more out of this me or others? Whether anyone actually wants to play along,  or just read, watch, and observe.  But in keeping with the challenge theme I suggest that we can bring “Technicolor” to our lives when we take that leap into the unknown.  No plan, no script, no endgame.  To me this is not crazy  - it has purpose and meaning.  But maybe people are just too busy to care about this “blog” maybe they are just being polite? What if I have over-committed  what if I do not succeed, what happens if I stop writing?  And it is this fear that I warn you of – stay away from it – it leads you to do the opposite of what you want   My recommendation is be bold – it is what we need to do – take risk  - feel your hands shaking - it tells you are doing something that actually has meaning.  We all live for opportunity and we often wonder where it is  - I found it in a song, a keyboard and a pushup – it has allowed me to reflect, to postulate and to instigate.  It is for this reason that I will continue till these fingers have nothing left and the thoughts run dry. 

Lastly, I want to just state for my own sake that I appreciate having the opportunity to write and have you read.  To set out on this journey with friends, and to overcome all obstacles so that I can indeed give all that I can is what I live for – I confidently stated today that I am a “Life Nut”  Yup, that’s right, loving life, that’s all.  Rest assured this process is alive; and as long as you are out there, I will be here typing away, toiling through songs and concocting new challenges  Here’s to exploring what it means to be part of something and showing that you  really mean it.

And so as for tonight – I was worried that I would not get to the end – that yesterday was a fluke.  I would only be a “poser” if I could do it just once.  I believe that for you to call yourself “something” you need to do it three times (writer, published three times, ironman – race it three times, etc).  So, I have one more time I have to deliver to have truly conquered this part of the challenge.  Yes indeed I got to the end again – it was wicked hard – just barely made it, phew!  Charged up?? I went for the pushup thing – this time got to 163 – hot darn, that hurt!   Still shaking……

It is truly an honor…..