Planning and Anticipation

The Penn Foster Choose to be More Bike Tour officially pushes off on Wednesday of this week, April 24th.  Florida here we come (well ok, I am there now but need to get to Boston and Scranton before we start).  The Penn Foster team will converge on Miami for our kickoff meeting at 5 pm on Wednesday when all of the planning, preparation and practice that has been done over the past few months comes together. 

The trip is truly a metaphor for how THPL comes to life.  Dreaming, planning, practicing, doing it –the THPL mantra is what carried us to this point.  I can tell you that I never grow tired of this process.  And in actuality I much prefer a lengthy journey, one that sets goals far in advance, goals that need time as a key contributor to success.   It adds to the experience, as much of the fun comes from the getting ready and the anticipation associated with an event/trip like this one.  For sure it keeps you focused and builds up a level of excitement that can only come from when you are part of the total end to end experience. There will be lots to comment on this week and so I will sprinkle it along the way.  For tonight, a bit more, on the anticipation theme and how goal setting and THPL approach make for a more engaged life experience.

To achieve THPL or even be just on the path there, you need to get used to setting unrealistic and maybe even “foolish” goals.  Foolish only in that others think they are impossible – but you know differently,  It is why you will call on the dream it, plan it, practice it, do it approach that is integral to THPL.  It is worthy of note that just setting the “stretch” goal is an accomplishment in itself – many do not even get this far.  Being willing to sign up for something that feels uncomfortable is the cross roads in THPL development – and the choice will either help you to grow or will inhibit the ability to grow.  Once you have made your decision to move forward then the planning and anticipation start – with enough of a time horizon to get to the goal this process works time and again – and I fully expect you will have fun along the way.  The PF team, has for sure, had some fun along the way and is ready to ride and to meet students. What we want to bring to them is this integrated view of life.  We want to show that THPL comes from all aspects of what we will experience over three days later this week.  We will meet students and we will learn from them and they will learn from us, we will listen, and learn some more, and we will laugh, and ride and talk and we will do it again and again over three days and 300 miles. 

So, come along with us on our journey, I will be blogging and tweeting daily and you, I hope, will get to feel this wonderful experience coming to life.  We are just about ready to go – I can tell you for sure that we do not know what we will find but we do know it will be magical.

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