Play Hard, Sleep Well

We know that THPL requires harmony for maximum performance – that is of mind and body.  We also know that rest is really important for a strong life.  It is one of the key ingredients of harmony.  It also, is true that the number of hours we sleep is not as important as the quality of the sleep.  And so I find it interesting the variability we have in how we sleep.  It is clear, that when you talk to our THPL friends, or overhear a conversation, we hear that members of our community are generally having a tough time sleeping.  Seems interesting, maybe even odd.  We are working more, doing more and as a result sleeping, not less, but not well.  We should be tired enough to sleep well but it is clear that we are not settled, our minds are still turned on, we have not found out how to turn them off. 

Think though, of those days when you hit the “hay” and you fell asleep hard – why is it that some days this is the case?  I think it is on those days that we play hard that we sleep well – we use up not only our mental energy, we use up our physical energy as well.  The combination sets us up for a time when sleep wins, there is no way to have a restless night, we really do rest well, and when we wake rested we feel good and ready to go again. 

So, something worth considering is that when you need a good nights sleep, use your mind and your body and do so with the intensity that is THPL.  What we learn is that from harmony comes peaceful rest and with peaceful rest high performance is enabled. 

Loving Life, and playing hard