Prayer Flags

Symbols of peace, of strength, of harmony and possibility the prayer flags of the Himalaya are strung along mountain paths to bless all those in the mountains.  With the air passing over them good will and positive spirit covers the surrounding area.  The flags dot the countryside with colors symbolizing the elements.  Blue for the sky, white the air, red symbolizes fire, green the water, and yellow the earth.  Simplicity and profoundness all wrapped together. In many ways it is the way that we want to think about THPL.  We want and need symbols that can simply communicate the mission of THPL and what we stand for.  Our three elements of Life, Learning and Fitness connect us to the meanings of the prayer flags and when done well we see the wind pass over THPL and we spread the word to others.  We then can rest easy that the way we live on our journey to THPL is aspirational, meaningful, enduring and most importantly shared for all to embrace. 

Loving life while watching prayer flags flutter in the wind