THPL – Life, Learning, Fitness – to operate at the level  that we call THPL requires a lot of preparation.  Or is in really just a way of life.  I think it is a bit of both.  THPL is indeed a way of life – we yearn to learn, we love life and all that it gives us and we practice and stay active to keep our fitness high.  I call it the “always on” THPL.  And for the most part this makes us just about ready for anything.  Ah, but there are those events, those moments, that require that we go beyond our normal high level of performance, a time when we need to put in an extra effort so that we can be ready to take on a new challenge and to do it at the highest level.  For example, it could be that one of our community was to make a presentation at a Ted conference.  You would assume that this level of “stage” would motivate us to prepare and practice till we got it “right”.  In this case our buddy Frank did just that - and he practiced and prepared and did it again and again till there was no presentation to be made - rather a message to be delivered.  And as a result the Ted talk was delivered as well as any I have seen.  It was amazing and a true and living example of how our THPL members really perform.

So, when you are ready to take on a new life challenge – a new relationship, a special fitness challenge or learning a new skill you need to focus on preparation to make sure that THPL becomes ever more real. And when done right it will results in a confidence in yourself and your potential that leads to success and the continuation of THPL

Loving life, especially when prepared