You may have caught the article in the Wall Street Journal today about protein.  The meta focus of the article was that there is a global increase in demand for protein and the industrial food complex is responding to this growing demand and trying to figure out how to respond.  Plant more, grow more, harvest more, merge more.  And so what are the implications of this surge in demand?  Are we eating more protein because the amino acids in protein help us build better and strong muscles so we can perform better?  Or is it more of a “trapping” of an ever increasing need to live a more affluent lifestyle, one where meat is at the center of a meal.

 What we know is that nutrition is a critical element of THPL. It affects everything we do, from thinking, to learning to activity.  If you eat the right foods you just get better at what you do.  And so rather than just follow the industrial food complex’s focus on selling more protein it would be good to better understand why we need more protein, where it should come from (commercial farms, meat, grains etc) and how much of it we need.  Rather than just follow this  “wave” we should put some effort into understanding our nutrition needs and the impact and options that we have - then from our informed position we should embrace what is reasonable (**best) for each of us and the world we share. 

Loving life, especially with my high-protein greek style yogurt