Proven Path

I often go back to the lessons that I learned when I was adventure racing as they were so poignant, memorable and “just flat out right”.  A comment I heard over the weekend triggered my “lessons learned” memories and it stopped me instantly as I was reminded of the adventure-racing lesson – “just because the team you are competing with is running with purpose and conviction does not mean they are running in the right direction”.

And so it is that I remind us, that in work, life and adventure, we need to follow what we know, what our experience tells us, and what our preparation has set us up to do.  We need to act with confidence and conviction, we need to observe what others are doing, and at the same time we need to ignore the paths that are formed by others that might look good but in fact are the wrong direction. 

Yes, we should seek input, but we also have to act, and we often have the knowledge of the steps to take but allow the insecurity of others to slow us from our appointed direction.  Follow your own path, and your version of THPL, and you will be happy with the result, as it will take you to new levels of performance with very few inadvertent detours.

Loving life when on the right path.