Just thought we needed a moment to connect with the Fall season, lest it pass us by and we find winter upon us.  And what is more iconic for Fall than pumpkin.  Life is better with pumpkin – spice, pie, cake – you name it and it tastes great. Around since from before time (all right at least the last few thousand years in North America) the pumpkin vegetable, is in fact a squash, and is now grown all over the world.  In the US alone we will harvest 1.5 billion pounds a year.  And so now it makes sense that from Dunkin Donuts to the local diner we have pumpkin “flavored” everywhere we go. 

It is interesting to think about how easy it is to recognize the pumpkin flavor. Not just for pie any more the goal, for some, is to have pumpkin more often than not.  When we think about THPL we find our “life” element to be full of deep and real experiences.  And it feels like “pumpkin” has that kind of authenticity to it, such that it can be bring a richness to each experience.  We know we have a deep level of attraction to pumpkin when we seek it out and look forward to it.  Can you think of another spice / flavor that has become a destination and not just a dessert or an ingredient only?

Now to be fair the “pumpkin” flavor we love is more than just the “fruit”  - it is the combination of spices ginger, cinnamon, cloves, allspice that brings out the “hmmmmm” feeling that is pumpkin.   But who is arguing the merits – we just like it.  And on the THPL journey this is a good thing.  So, enjoy your next pumpkin “anything” and Fall will last just that ever bit longer. 

And how about a new spin on the pumpkin pie recipe.  Check it out and see if the “healthy” recipe tastes good enough.

Loving life with a piece of pumpkin pie



Photo Credit: jjjj56cp via Compfight cc