Purpose Driven

As long as we are going to set bigger and bigger goals for ourselves on our THPL journey might we consider that one of our goals is to think about how the work we do and / or the way that we live being considered purpose driven.  Thematically this means that we focus on having an impact beyond just our own life that contributes to society and others in some tangible way. 

The good news is that there is not just one way to do this.  We can find meaning and purpose in a variety of ways, it could be registering first-time voters, recycling locally, getting involved in a nonprofit group, joining a startup, or volunteering in your local community.  If we stretch hard enough we can make our work and our lives purpose driven.  All we have to do is to think about bringing the following attributes to what we do and how we live 1.) Share your gifts (yourself) with others, 2) Make an impact in the lives of others, and 3) Live to your desired quality of life.

I am confident that when we add this element to our THPL journey we will feel more fulfilled and motivated to live out the purpose driven version of THPL.

Loving life even more when it is purpose driven