Race Time


On January 1, 2014 at 2 am I signed up for the Leadville 100 trail run, it was exciting at that moment and exciting again now.  And while I am not totally sure of what I am getting myself into, being back in Leadville is great – it has the right kind of epic feel to it – mountains all about – fit people  - lots of focus on the extreme that comes from ultra-activities and a general sense that this is where great moments are made.  At the race prep meetings today I was reminded of a few things – we are better than we think we are and we can do more than we think we can.  And when we have exhausted all of the adrenaline, and the muscles are sore, and the feet blistered we will all do the same thing, reach deep into our soul and find the combination of grit, guts and determination to get us to the finish line – THPL indeed.

We go into races like this one with a deep level of respect for what is in front of us, and we know that there is no guarantee that we will finish…..but you can be certain that I will give it everything I have tomorrow, that is for sure.   One additional note, since this race takes me over a 30 hour period there will be no blog post on Saturday night.  I will be back at it on Sunday with a race report.

As a reminder: 

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Racer number 251

Loving life in Leadville CO.