I am sure that there a many moments on the THPL journey when there is less commitment and emphasis on living to the THPL values and mission.  It seems normal, actually, that it would be hard to keep that “edge” all the time.  Distractions abound, the effort can be tiring, the return all to distant.  And yet we live intrigued by the prospect of what could be if we live more, than less, in a THPL way.  We like the idea and as we are not disinterested we need to figure out how to spend more time in a THPL state than not. 

The underlying idea, then, is to build not just the ability to be in the THPL state but to create the best technique for how to enter your version of THPL.  Rather than leave it to chance how about a few “tricks” to make sure you give yourself the best opportunity for frequency (and thus habit).

  • Make a log that you have to fill in with your goals and results
  • Commit to doing THPL activities with others.
  • Create a motivational reminder – like a wall poster that you see often
  • Read about the success of other THPL practitioners and use it as motivation
  • Celebrate the wins in Life, Learning and Fitness and you will want to do it more and more and this will for sure keep you focused as we all like to celebrate

And if you do not like this list – create your own and don’t look for the excuse but rather the solution.  Nothing but goodness comes from this.

Loving Life and getting better at living THPL