Reason or Excuse

This life we call THPL can make quite the demand on one’s life, their time and their will.  The thought of high performance is enticing, we want to be faster, smarter, more fulfilled….. but, there are moments and maybe extended periods of time when it is hard to keep to your commitment to THPL.  As the saying goes – life gets in the way.  Sometimes there are moments when factors, whether under our control, or exogenous, create enough strain that we compromise on our goals.  And when this happens we are faced with a choice – do we make an excuse for not sticking to the plan or do we have a reason for doing so? 

Yes, at one level there is only a slight bit of difference between the two words but at another level there is a wide gap.  The gap relates the explanation for the miss.  The excuse is a sentiment that lays blame elsewhere, it is when we do not want to take responsibility for our actions, when we are maybe even embarrassed by our decision.  When you have a “reason” you have made an active tradeoff, you know why you did (or did not) do something, and you understand the implications of your choice.

The opportunity for all of us on our THPL journey is to be accountable to the mission, the commitment, and to oneself.  And along the way, when you go off “plan” are you going to make an excuse or have a reason?  The choice is yours….

Loving life for very good reason


photo: maddy salzman