It might seem odd, that, the only thing harder than sticking to your high performance life plan is taking time to recharge.  We intuitively know that we need to recharge but we often feel like doing so is counter to the principles of THPL.  We have to remind ourselves, though, that to be our best we need our “batteries on full”.  Recharging is different than recovering.  Recharging is all about taking time to fill up your Life, Learning and Fitness batteries.  It requires, first, that we realize when our THPL batteries are on low.  This can, at times, be a challenge – we do not have “meters” that show us “full” or “empty”.  And so we need to get good at looking for “low battery” queues or we need to seek out others who know us well enough to tell us when this condition is present.  Whatever approach you use, it behooves you to do it on a regular basis.  And when you find out that your batteries are low then it is time to get active in re-filling them.  Days off are good, vacations are great but don’t forget that there are some times that you need a quick recharge – at these times you can look for a few simple techniques – try a change of scenery, seek out new or unique information that makes you think differently, try hanging out with other creative people or take a moment to just close your eyes for a while to allow your mind to clear.  If you use these techniques often enough you will be back at “full charge” ready for a dose of new ideas, activities and inspirations that make THPL possible in the ways that we want and need it to be.

Loving life even more when recharged.


Photo Credit: simplebitsdan Compfight cc